High Visible Light Photoactivity of Plasma-promoted Vanadium Clusters on Nano-Zeolites for Selective Photooxidation of Methanol

Mohamad El-Roz, Louwanda Lakiss, Igor Telegeiev, Oleg I Lebedev, Philippe Bazin, Aurelie Vicente, Christian Fernandez, and Valentin Valtchev

ACS Appl. Mater. Interfaces, Just Accepted Manuscript
Cold VCl3-plasma is employed for the preparation of highly dispersed vanadium oxide clusters on nanosized zeolite. Different types of zeolite, such as EMT, FAU (z.X) and Beta are used. The activity of thus prepared catalysts is studied in the selective photooxidation of methanol under polychromatic visible and UV irradiations. The physicochemical properties and catalytic performance of plasma treated zeolite Beta (P-V2O5@Beta) catalyst is compared with zeolite Beta (V2O5@Beta) and amorphous silica (V2O5@SiO2) impregnated vanadium oxide catalysts. Pure V2O5 is used as a reference material. The set of catalytic data shows that plasma prepared zeolite Beta based catalyst displays the highest activity. Complementary characterization techniques including XRD, N2-sorption, FTIR, ionic exchange, pyridine adsorption, Raman, NMR, TPR and EDX-TEM are used to study the impact of the preparation approach on the physicochemical properties and catalytic performance of photocatalysts.
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