• RMN et Problématiques Industrielles, le 19/11/14

    Agenda de la journée Date limite d’inscription 24/10/2014 pour l’intendance… 120 participants maximum Cette journée exposera les possibilités analytiques offertes par la spectroscopie RMN pour différents domaines d’activité (matériaux polymères et composites, chimie structurale, catalyse, santé, cosmétique, agroalimentaire, nanomatériaux, verres et céramiques, matériaux pour l’énergie, matériaux pour la construction,…). Les moyens du réseau « RMN […]

    22 October 2014
  • RMN structurale dans le Bassin Parisien: Prochaine réunion Automne 2014 – 30/09/14 à Caen.

    Lieu: LCS – Caen, ENSICAEN, Salle de Conférence du CNRT Matériaux Les inscriptions sont ouvertes… Le programme de cette journée sera construit selon vos propositions avec une priorité aux jeunes en thèse ou en post-doc. Update: En attendant le programme définitif, voici les communications proposées à ce jour: Plénière : Marek Pruski (Ames, Iowa): Characterization […]

    22 September 2014
  • Premier Prix Baron Axel Cronstedt

    Pour contribution à la science et la technologie liées aux zéolithes, aux matériaux mésoporeux ordonnés, aux composés structurés organo-métalliques (MOF) et autres matériaux poreux, aux études fondamentales sur la…

    18 September 2014
  • The role of external acid sites of ZSM-5 in deactivation of hybrid CuZnAl/ZSM-5 catalyst for direct dimethyl ether synthesis from syngas

    by V.V. Ordomsky, M. Cai, V. Sushkevich, S. Moldovan, O. Ersen, C. Lancelot, V. Valtchev, A.Y. Khodakov in Applied Catalysis A: General DOI: 10.1016/j.apcata.2014.08.030 Highlights • Dimethyl ether synthesis from syngas was studied on Cu–ZnO–Al2O3/ZSM-5 catalyst. • The catalyst deactivates due to Cu sintering, oxidation and ion exchange with protons. • Deactivation of external acid […]

    12 September 2014
  • Rational design of a CO2-resistant toluene hydrogenation catalyst based on FT-IR spectroscopy studies

    by Julien Scalbert, Cecile Daniel, Yves Schuurman, Cyril Thomas, Frederic C. Meunier in Journal of Catalysis Volume 318, October 2014, Pages 61–66 DOI: 10.1016/j.jcat.2014.07.013 Highlights • The deactivating sites over Rh/alumina in the presence of CO2 during toluene hydrogenation at 348 K were identified. • Using a less dispersed Rh supported on silica enabled obtaining […]

    23 August 2014
  • In situ and post-synthesis control of physicochemical properties of FER-type crystals

    in Microporous and Mesoporous Materials by Xiaoxin Chen, Totka Todorova, Alexandre Vimont, Valérie Ruaux, Zhengxing Qin, Jean-Pierre Gilson, Valentin Valtchev DOI: 10.1016/j.micromeso.2014.07.057 Highlights • FER-type zeolites were synthesized in three different initial systems. • Seeds were used to decrease zeolite crystals size. • Secondary pores in zeolite crystals were formed by etching with HF-NH4F solutions. • Crystal morphology of obtained materials was studied. […]

    23 August 2014
  • Metalloaded zeolite films with bi-modal porosity for selective detection of carbon monoxide

    by Louwanda Lakiss, Sébastien Thomas, Philippe Bazin, Vincent de Waele, Svetlana Mintova in Microporous and Mesoporous Materials DOI: 10.1016/j.micromeso.2014.08.001 Highlights • Preparation of metal containing (Pt, Pd) zeolite Beta nanocrystals. • Assembly of metal containing zeolite crystals in thin films. • Optical properties of metal containing zeolite films. • Detection of carbon monoxide, methanol and a mixture of both […]

    12 August 2014
  • Silver confined within zeolite EMT nanoparticles: preparation and antibacterial properties

    by Biao Dong, Sama Belkhair, Dr. Zaarour, Leanne Fisher, Joanna Verran, Lubomira Tosheva, Richard Retoux, Jean-Pierre Gilson and svetlana mintova Nanoscale, 2014, Accepted Manuscript DOI: 10.1039/C4NR03169E Abstract: The preparation of pure zeolite nanocrystals (EMT-type framework) and their silver ion-exchanged (Ag+-EMT) and reduced silver (Ag0-EMT) forms is reported. The template-free zeolite nanocrystals are stabilized in water […]

    30 July 2014
  • Nanoparticles-induced inflammatory cytokines in human plasma concentration manner: an ignored factor at the nanobio-interface

    by Nicolin Tirtaatmadja, Gysell Mortimer, Eng-Poh Ng, Hacan Ali Ahmad, Svetlana Mintova, Vahid Serpooshan, Rodney F. Minchin, Morteza Mahmoudi Journal : Journal of the Iranian Chemical Society DOI : 10.1007/s13738-014-0486-7 Abstract : Properties of nanoparticles (NPs) are responsible for their interaction with various biomolecules such as proteins in biological environments. Amount and composition of the […]

    26 July 2014
  • Silicate ionic liquid synthesis of zeolite merlinoite: Crystal size control from crystalline nanoaggregates to micron-sized single-crystals

    Mohamed Haouas, Louwanda Lakiss, Charlotte Martineau, Jaafar El Fallah, Valentin Valtchev, Francis Taulelle Microporous and Mesoporous Materials DOI: 10.1016/j.micromeso.2014.07.011 Highlights •Hydrated silicate ionic liquid is obtained by a two-steps procedure from TEOS. •Coacervation was observed in highly alkaline solution. •Phase separation by decantation allows extraction of silicate phase. •Synthesis of purely mineral merlinoite was achieved […]

    22 July 2014
  • Liquid phase cyclohexene oxidation over vanadia based catalysts with tert-butyl hydroperoxide: Epoxidation versus allylic oxidation

    by Sanaa El-Korso, Ilyes Khaldi, Sumeya Bedrane, Abderrahim Choukchou-Braham,Frédéric Thibault-Starzyk, Redouane Bachir DOI: 10.1016/j.molcata.2014.07.002 Journal of Molecular Catalysis A: Chemical Highlights •We have epoxidation in the presence of redox and monomeric vanadium sites. •Allylic oxidation was obtained with acidic and/or polymeric vanadium sites. •This reaction is heterogeneous and vanadium leaching is not observed. •The results […]

    15 July 2014
  • Aujourd’hui, pique-nique du laboratoire!

    11 July 2014
  • The influence of CO2 and H2O on the storage properties of Pt-Ba/Al2O3 LNT catalyst studied by FT-IR spectroscopy and transient microreactor experiments

    by S. Morandi, F. Prinetto, G. Ghiotti, L. Castoldi, L. Lietti, P. Forzatti, M. Daturi, V. Blasin-Aubé Catalysis Today, Volume 231, 1 August 2014, Pages 116–124 DOI: 10.1016/j.cattod.2013.12.036 Highlights • The effect of CO2 and H2O on the NOx storage on PtBa/Al2O3 is investigated. • NOx are stored on PtBa catalysts as nitrites and nitrates. […]

    5 July 2014
  • Synthesis of Zeolite Nanoparticles for Environmental Applications

    phD defense of  Hussein AWALA Friday, June 27th 10:30 (Salle des thèses en Sciences 3) Zeolite nanoparticles with diverse pore architectures, high external surface area, micro/mesoporosity, define particle size and morphology open the door for advanced applications. In addition to catalysis, separation and ion exchange processes, nanosized zeolites assembled in films and three-dimensional constructs are used […]

    23 June 2014
  • Effect of zeolite nanoparticles on the optical properties of diacetone acrylamide-based photopolymer

    by D. Cody, E. Mihaylova, L. O’Neill, T. Babeva, H. Awala, R. Retoux, S. Mintova, I. Naydenova DOI: 10.1016/j.optmat.2014.05.021 Highlights • A new photopolymer nano composite based on a low toxicity monomer and BEA type zeolite nano particles is developed. • Significant improvement of the refractive index modulation in holographic recording. • Nanoparticles’ pores remain […]

    19 June 2014
  • Microwave synthesis of colloidal stable AlPO-5 nanocrystals with high water adsorption capacity and unique morphology

    by Eng-Poh Ng,Darren Tat-Lun Ng, Hussein Awala, Ka-Lun Wong, Svetlana Mintova DOI: 10.1016/j.matlet.2014.06.022 Highlights •Microwave synthesis of AlPO-5 nanocrystals is reported. •Nanosized AlPO-5 is synthesized using a new imidazolium template. •Microwave heating shortens the crystallization time. •AlPO-5 nanocrystals possess unique morphology and are sized ca. 300 nm. •The nanocrystals are colloid stable and exhibit hydrophilic […]

    19 June 2014
  • Crystal growth kinetics as a tool for controlling the catalytic performance of a FAU-type basic catalyst – ACS Catalysis

    By Satoshi Inagaki, Karine Thomas, Valerie Ruaux, Guillaume Clet, Toru Wakihara, Shoma Shinoda, Sae Okamura, Yoshihiro Kubota and Valentin Valtchev DOI: 10.1021/cs500153e Abstract This study reports on the catalytic performance of nanosized zeolite X crystals and their precursors in the reaction of benzaldehyde with ethyl cyanoacetate. Crystal growth kinetics of FAU-type zeolite is studied at […]

    7 June 2014
  • Understanding the storage function of a commercial NOx-storage-reduction material using operando IR under realistic conditions

    By Juliette Dupré, Philippe Bazin, Olivier Marie, Marco Daturi, Xavier Jeandel and Frédéric Meunier DOI: 10.1016/j.apcatb.2014.05.027 Highlights A commercial NOx-Storage-Reduction (NSR) material was investigated by operando FT-IR Ionic carbonates at the outer layers of Ba particles were replaced with ionic-like nitrates Covalent species (at surface sites of alumina and ceria) were unimportant for the storage. […]

    31 May 2014
  • 3rd Workshop on Zeolites

    The LCS team thanks all participants attending the 3rd Workshop on Zeolites

    22 May 2014
  • Dramatic promotion of copper-alumina catalysts by sodium for acetone trimerisation

    Emanuelle LIGNER, Frederic Meunier, arnaud travert, Sylvie Maury and Nicolas Cadran Catal. Sci. Technol., 2014, Accepted Manuscript DOI: 10.1039/C4CY00440J Na-promoted Cu-Al materials are efficient multifunctional catalysts for the direct conversion of gas phase acetone to diisobutyl ketone (DIBK) with unprecedented yields (up to 31 %). The Na content is a major parameter determining the stability […]

    20 May 2014
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