Operando study in temperature and pressure of the conversion of syngas loaded with typical impurities derived from biomass to methane and higher hydrocarbons.

This project, the acronym of which is “BioSyngOp”, is sponsored by the French National Agency for Research (reference ANR-11-BS07-026) and the Mov’eo framework.

The poisonous effects of molecules such as NH3, HCl, H2S and toluene on the activity of catalysts used for hydrocarbons synthesis from syngas (CO/H2 mixtures) will be studied by a range of spectroscopies carried out under realistic reaction conditions.

The main aim of the project is to understand the effects of biomass-derived molecules on the activity of catalysts used for the production of synthetic natural gas and higher hydrocarbons.

The principal expected outcomes are:

To develop new spectroscopic tools for operando studies (FT-IR, X-ray absorption, magnetism) to better relate structural and textural modifications to the activity and selectivity of catalysts.
To develop new catalysts more resistant to the biomass-derived poisons or determine the purification levels required prior to hydrocarbon synthesis.

Project partners :

Durée : 36 mois Démarrage en novembre 2011.

Budget global : 1278172 euros

Montant financement public ANR : 448564 Euros

Montant financement public Mov’eo : 7514 Euros

Contact : Dr Frédéric Meunier,

Laboratoire Catalyse et Spectrochimie

Tel : +33 (0) 231452731

Email :