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Holder of a Ph.D. in chemistry with multi-disciplinary experience in synthetic (organic, inorganic, material chemistry) and analytical chemistry (spectroscopic characterization of materials), in addition to having a teaching diploma. Received a PhD in organometallic chemistry from the University of Rennes1 (France) in November 2012; the work was dedicated to the synthesis and photophysical characterization of luminescent cyclometallated iridium and platinum complexes. After Ph.D., I moved to the Laboratory of Catalysis and Spectroscopy (ENSICAEN: National Graduate School of Engineering & Research Center, Caen, France) where I worked on different research projects (academic and confidential) as post-doctoral researcher (2013-2015) then as a researcher (2016-present). ▪ Preparation and characterization of silver nano-particles supported on zeolite nanocrystals for application in photovoltaic solar cells. ▪ Spectroscopic characterization of supported catalysts using FTIR, Raman and AGIR (combined gravimetry and IR spectroscopy), a confidential project sponsored by Total. ▪ Spectroscopic characterization of metal containing zeolites for oxygen delivery applications. ▪ Investigating zeolite as a potential candidate for extending car-engine lubricant lifetime (confidential project). ▪Characterization of lamellar materials based on transition metal oxides for liquid phase catalysis. Working in different fields broadened and deepened my knowledge and gave me valuable experience in project management. I also developed a keen interest for research at the interface between academia and industry. Beside the experimental work, I am the representative and ex-president (2014-2016) of “Cub of young chemists” (Normandy region) of the French Chemical Society and member of  “European Young Chemists’ Network ”.


Journal Articles
"Hydrogen positions in single nanocrystals revealed by electron diffraction."
Science - 355, 6321, 166-169   DOI : 10.1126/science.aak9652
L. Palatinus, P. Brázda, P. Boullay, O. Perez, M. Klementová, S. Petit, V. Eigner, Moussa Zaarour, and Svetlana Mintova

"Synthesis of new cobalt aluminophosphate framework by opening a cobalt methylphosphonate layered material."
CrystEngComm - 19, 34, 5100-5105   DOI : 10.1039/C7CE01129F
Moussa Zaarour, Olivier Perez, Philippe Boullay, Jörn Martens, Boriana Mihailova, Konstantin Karaghiosoff, Lukáš Palatinus, and Svetlana Mintova

Journal Articles
"Silver confined within zeolite EMT nanoparticles: preparation and antibacterial properties."
Nanoscale - 6, 18, 10859   DOI : 10.1039/C4NR03169E
Biao Dong, S Belkhair, Moussa Zaarour, L Fisher, V Verran, L Tosheva, R Retoux, Jean-Pierre Gilson, and Svetlana Mintova

"Photochemical Preparation of Silver Nanoparticles Supported on Zeolite Crystals."
Langmuir - 30, 21, 6250-6256   DOI : 10.1021/la5006743
Moussa Zaarour, Mohamad El-Roz, Biao Dong, Richard Retoux, Roy Aad, Julien Cardin, Christian Dufour, Fabrice Gourbilleau, Jean-Pierre Gilson, and Svetlana Mintova

"Progress in zeolite synthesis promotes advanced applications."
Microporous and Mesoporous Materials - 189, 11-21. (accessed 05/2014)   DOI : 10.1016/j.micromeso.2013.08.014
Moussa Zaarour, Biao Dong, Izabela Naydenova, Richard Retoux, and Svetlana Mintova

"Approaching efficiency enhancement of organic photovoltaic cells through surface plasmonic structures. "
MEET Workshop - Bath,UK - 2013-03-06
Presented by L. Louise with the help of F. Gourbilleau, M. Alaaeddine, B. Witulski, Moussa Zaarour, and Svetlana Mintova

"Design of Ag NPs for incorporation in photovoltaic solar cells. "
GFZ ; 29 eme ; Semur en Auxois ; 26 – 27 mars 2013
Presented by Moussa ZAAROUR with the help of L. Louise, M. Alaaeddine, J. Cardin, R. Retoux, F. Gourbilleau, B. Witulski, Mohamad EL-ROZ, and Svetlana MINTOVA

"New Approach to Solid State Lightening High-efficient Green LED Involving Ag-zeolite Nanocrystals."
GFZ ; 29 eme ; Semur en Auxois ; 26 – 27 mars 2013
Presented by Moussa Zaarour with the help of J. Cardin, B. Witulski, F. Gourbilleau, and Svetlana Mintova

"Plasmonics of Ag Nanoparticles Supported on Nanosized zeolites."
International Symposium on Advanced micro- and mesoporous materials ; 5eme ; Golden Sands ; Bulgaria ; 6-9 Septembre 2013
Presented by Moussa Zaarour with the help of R. Retoux, F. Gourbilleau, B. Witulski, Mohamad El-Roz, and Svetlana Mintova