Directeur du LCS – Professeur
Tel: + 33 (0)2 31 45 28 13
Room: Bâtiment C – 214

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Director of the Laboratory

Leader of the Solid State NMR group at the LCS (ENSICAEN)
Teaching in Quantum Chemistry and Statistical Thermodynamic at the department of Chemistry (UNIVERSITY OF CAEN)

Research Interests

Solid-State NMR, Zeolites, Operando spectroscopy
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After graduating as an Engineer in Materials Engineering from the National Institute of Applied Sciences of Lyon (INSA), I moved to public research and then to the profession of teacher-researcher. My doctorate, I obtained it in 1985 in one of the biggest centers of catalysis in France, the IRC in Lyon (Institute of Research on Catalysis, currently called IRCELyon, a CNRS laboratory). Then I spent 4 years abroad in Belgium (Namur) working closely with the company TOPSOE in Denmark on a European project (TOPSOE, it is one of the major actors of Chemistry and Catalysis in Europe). At that time, much work had already been done on the means of improving the properties of these extraordinary materials, namely zeolites. We were interested in optimising their acidity and their catalytic lifetime by performing controlled dealumination. I then began to work with Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR), and more specifically on the development of methods of studying so-called "quadrupole" nuclei, such as aluminum (Al-27), which was very important for understanding the properties of these modified zeolites . I then joined in 1989 a laboratory of physics at the University of Lille, where with Prof. Jean-Paul Amoureux, I continued to develop NMR methods of quadrupole nuclei. Thanks to this stay of about 10 years in Lille, I became reconized in the NMR community particularly for my contribution to the development and the diffusion of the technique NMR-MQMAS, which allows to obtain high resolution spectra on quadrupole nuclei. I then joined as a professor in 1999 the Laboratory Catalysis and Spectrochemistry at ENSICAEN, to implant the NMR technique and its applications to various types of catalysts, with of course always the zeolites among these catalysts. From 2003 to 2007, I held the position of Director of the Laboratory at a time when serious threats hung over his survival because of his small size. We then worked to create a laboratory of excellence, which today is recognized among the best by the HCERES (the agency of evaluation of the research in France). For this reason, we have cultivated our specificity in the field of Operando spectroscopies which make it possible to follow the different stages of the life of a catalyst during its operation (for example in a catalytic converter). The RMN operando was also developed during this period, with successes especially in the framework of industrial collaborations. The "zeolite" theme was strongly reinforced with the arrival at the Laboratory of Svetlana Mintova and Valentin Valtchev, two CNRS researchers, specializing in the synthesis and modification of these materials. A team has thus been created around the rational design of zeolite materials especially for catalysis applications, but not only. It is a major axis of today's lab. My activity was diversified by incursions in the field of vibrational spectroscopy Infrared. Zeolites have always been one of my favorite research themes. I was for 6 years the president of the association "Groupe Français des Zéolithes" which brings together all the francophone players in the sector. Today, and since September 1, 2016, I again occupy the position of director of this laboratory, with the ambition to cultivate the excellence of its fundamental research, our core business, but also to make it a major players in partnership research in Normandy, thanks to our new, but strong involvement in the Institut Carnot normand ESP (Energy Systems of Propulsion), of which the accreditation has just been renewed .


Journal Articles
"Modeling short-range substitution order and disorder in crystals: Application to the Ga/Si distribution in a natrolite zeolite."
Solid State Nuclear Magnetic Resonance - 84, 182-195   DOI : 10.1016/j.ssnmr.2017.04.001
Sylvian Cadars, Nak Ho Ahn, Kirill Okhotnikov, Jiho Shin, Aurélie Vicente, Suk Bong Hong, and Christian Fernandez

"High-Visible-Light Photoactivity of Plasma-Promoted Vanadium Clusters on Nanozeolites for Partial Photooxidation of Methanol."
ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces - 9, 21, 17846-17855   DOI : 10.1021/acsami.7b02161
Mohamad El Roz, Louwanda Lakiss, Igor Telegeiev, Oleg I. Lebedev, Philippe Bazin, Aurelie Vicente, Christian Fernandez, and Valentin Valtchev

"One-pot synthesis of silanol-free nanosized MFI zeolite."
Nature Materials - 16, 10, 1010-1015   DOI : 10.1038/nmat4941
Julien Grand, Siddulu Naidu Talapaneni, Aurélie Vicente, Christian Fernandez, Eddy Dib, Hristiyan A. Aleksandrov, Georgi N. Vayssilov, Richard Retoux, Philippe Boullay, Jean-Pierre Gilson, Valentin Valtchev, and Svetlana Mintova

Journal Articles
"Nanosized Na-EMT and Li-EMT zeolites: selective sorption of water and methanol studied by a combined IR and TG approach."
Phys. Chem. Chem. Phys. - 18, 44, 30585-30594   DOI : 10.1039/c6cp05766g
Hacan Ali Ahmad, Sébastien Thomas, Philippe Bazin, Aurélie Vicente, Christian Fernandez, Hussein Awala, and Svetlana Mintova

Journal Articles
"Control of Na-EMT Zeolite Synthesis by Organic Additives."
Crystal Growth & Design - 15, 4, 1898-1906   DOI : 10.1021/acs.cgd.5b00071
Veselina Georgieva, Aurélie Vicente, Christian Fernandez, Richard Retoux, Ana Palcic, Valentin Valtchev, and Svetlana Mintova

"On the remarkable resistance to coke formation of nanometer-sized and hierarchical MFI zeolites during ethanol to hydrocarbons transformation."
Journal of Catalysis - 328, 165-172   DOI : 10.1016/j.jcat.2014.12.030
Louwanda Lakiss, Francis Ngoye, Christine Canaff, Sébastien Laforge, Yannick Pouilloux, Zhengxin Qin, Mehrad Tarighi, Karine Thomas, Valentin Valtchev, Aurélie Vicente, Ludovic Pinard, Jean-Pierre Gilson, and Christian Fernandez

"Formation mechanism of three-membered ring containing microporous zincosilicate RUB-17."
CrystEngComm - 17, 37, 7063-7069   DOI : 10.1039/C5CE01394A
Ana Palcic, Felipe Zapata Abellán, Aurelie Vicente, Christian Fernandez, Veselina Georgieva, Josip Broni?, and Valentin Valtchev

Conférence(s) Invitée(s)
"On the remarkable resistance to coke formation of nanometer-sized and hierarchical MFI zeolites during MTH transformation."
Club Catalyse Total - Bruxelles, Belgique - 2015-01-28
Presented by Christian FERNANDEZ

"Structural and 51V NMR parameters relationships in 7 MVO3 crystals."
Advanced CASTEP workshop - Oxford,Angleterre - 2015-03-25
Presented by Eddy Dib with the help of Felipe Zapata, and Christian Fernandez

"Operando AGIR and NNMF techniques applied to the study of coke formation on ZSM-5 catalysts with bimodal porosity."
GFZ - Saint Valery / Somme,France - 2015-03-26
Presented by Christian FERNANDEZ with the help of Louwanda Lakiss, Zhengxing Qin, Philippe Bazin, Karine Thomas, Aurelie Vicente, Jean-Pierre Gilson, Valentin Valtchev, Francis NGoye, and Ludovic Pinard

Journal Articles
"Mitigating coking during methylcyclohexane transformation on HZSM-5 zeolites with additional porosity."
Journal of Catalysis - 320, 118-126   DOI : 10.1016/j.jcat.2014.10.001
F. Ngoye, Louwanda Lakiss, Z. Qin, S. Laforge, C. Canaff, M. Tarighi, Valentin Valtchev, Karine Thomas, Aurelie Vicente, Jean-Pierre Gilson, Y. Pouilloux, Christian Fernandez, and L. Pinard

"Comparative Study of Nano-ZSM-5 Catalysts Synthesized in OH- and F- Media."
ADVANCED FUNCTIONAL MATERIALS - 24 (2, SI): 257-264   DOI : 10.1002/adfm.201301541
Zhengxing Qin, Louwanda Lakiss, Lubomira Tosheva, Jean-Pierre Gilson, Aurelie Vicente, Christian Fernandez, and Valentin Valtchev

"How the hierarchization process impacts the catalytic activity of ZSM-5 during the MTO reaction. "
FEZA ; 6eme ; Leipzig ; Germany ; 8 - 11 Septembre 2014
Presented by Christian FERNANDEZ with the help of Louwanda Lakiss, Zhengxing Qin, Jean-Pierre Gilson, Karine Thomas, Valentin Valtchev, and Aurélie Vicente

"Un nouveau dispositif pour la RMN du Xénon hyperpolarisé au LCS."
Grand bassin parisien RMN - Caen,Paris - 2014-09-30
Presented by Baptiste Rigaud with the help of Hussein Elsiblani, Sébastien Aiello, and Christian Fernandez

Journal Articles
"Synthesis and Catalytic Behavior of Ferrierite Zeolite Nanoneedles."
ACS CATALYSIS - 3 (4): 617-621   DOI : 10.1021/cs400025s
Yoorim Lee, Min Park, Pyung Kim, Aurelie Vicente, Christian Fernandez, In-Sik Nam, and Suk Hong

"Solid-state NMR study of various mono- and divalent cation forms of the natural zeolite natrolite."
PHYSICAL CHEMISTRY CHEMICAL PHYSICS - 15 (20): 7604-7612   DOI : 10.1039/c3cp44421j
Min Park, Aurelie Vicente, Christian Fernandez, and Suk Hong

"Chemical Equilibrium Controlled Etching of MFI-Type Zeolite and Its Influence on Zeolite Structure, Acidity, and Catalytic Activity."
CHEMISTRY OF MATERIALS - 25 (14): 2759-2766   DOI : 10.1021/cm400719z
Z. Qin, Louwanda Lakiss, Jean-Pierre Gilson, Karine Thomas, Jean-Michel Goupil, Christian Fernandez, and Valentin Valtchev

"The structure directing agent governs the location of silanol defects in zeolites."
International Symposium on Advanced micro- and mesoporous materials ; 6th - Burgas, Bulgaria - 06-09 Sep, 2015
Presented by Eddy Dib with the help of Julien Grand, Svetlana Mintova, and Christian Fernandez

"Fluoride etching uniform removal of zeolite framework cations and secondary porosity engineering. "
International Symposium on Advanced micro- and mesoporous materials ; 5eme ; Golden Sands ; Bulgaria ; 6-9 Septembre 2013
Presented by Zhengxing Qin with the help of Louwanda Lakiss, Jean-Pierre Gilson, Karine Thomas, Jean-Michel Goupil, Christian Fernandez, and Valentin Valtchev

Journal Articles
"Ultrastructure of cellulose crystallites in flax textile fibres."
CELLULOSE - 19 (6): 1837-1854   DOI : 10.1007/s10570-012-9786-1
Benoit Duchemin, Anthony Thuault, Aurelie Vicente, Baptiste Rigaud, Christian Fernandez, and Sophie Eve

"Nucleation and Crystal Growth Features of EMT-Type Zeolite Synthesized from an Organic-Template-Free System."
CHEMISTRY OF MATERIALS - 24 (24): 4758-4765   DOI : 10.1021/cm3035455
Eng-Poh Ng, Jean-Michel Goupil, Aurelie Vicente, Christian Fernandez, Richard Retoux, Valentin Valtchev, and Svetlana Mintova

"Physico-Chemical Properties of Imogolite Nanotubes Functionalized on Both External and Internal Surfaces."
JOURNAL OF PHYSICAL CHEMISTRY C - 116 (13): 7499-7506   DOI : 10.1021/jp301177q
Cristina Zanzottera, Aurelie Vicente, Edvige Celasco, Christian Fernandez, Edoardo Garrone, and Barbara Bonelli

"Thermal Collapse of Single-Walled Alumino-Silicate Nanotubes: Transformation Mechanisms and Morphology of the Resulting Lamellar Phases."
JOURNAL OF PHYSICAL CHEMISTRY C - 116 (44): 23577-23584   DOI : 10.1021/jp3090638
Cristina Zanzottera, Aurelie Vicente, Marco Armandi, Christian Fernandez, Edoardo Garrone, and Barbara Bonelli

Séminaire(s) invité(s)
"Solid-State NMR and Operando NMR to study zeolites structure and properties."
Department of Chemical Engineering and School of Environmental Science and Engineering, POSTECH - Pohang,Corée du Sud - 2012-08-04
Presented by Christian FERNANDEZ

"Tailoring the surface properties of Single-walled aluminosilicate NTs: Imogolite-like materials. "
International Symposium on Zeolites and MicroPorous Crystals - HIROSHIMA,JAPON - 2012-07-28
Presented by Aurélie Vicente with the help of Cristina Zanzottera, Edvige Calasco, Christian Fernandez, Edoardo Garrone, and Barbara Bonelli

Book / Book Section
"Probing Quadrupolar Nuclei by Solid-State NMR Spectroscopy: Recent Advances."
In SOLID STATE NMR, edited by JCC Chan, 306, 119-188. SPRINGER-VERLAG BERLIN, Topics in Current Chemistry
Christian Fernandez and Marek Pruski