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    The Catalysis and Spectrochemistry Laboratory (LCS) works on the preparation and study of solid catalysts for applications in environment and sustainable development. LCS is leader in the observation of catalytic materials inside a working reactor, in real time, during the chemical reaction (operando spectroscopy). With its very strong facility in infrared spectroscopy, and with some NMR, Raman and Uv-vis spectroscopies, LCS is in a unique position in car exhaust treatment, pollution abatement, in energy production (oil refining, bio-fuels) and in the domain of bio-sourcing of chemistry.


  • Green-tire: Better performance with less fuel consumption

    According to the National Academy of Sciences, about 80 to 88% of the energy in a vehicle’s gasoline tank is wasted in various thermal, frictional, and standby losses in the engine and exhaust system. This leaves only about 12 to 20% of the potential energy actually converted to vehicle motion. One of the key ways […]

    24 September 2016 | Categories : News
  • RdV CarnotLyon 5-6 octobre

    Here is presentation of our laboratory

    21 September 2016 | Categories : News
  • (Français) Semaine de la mobilité durable : Qu’est-ce que le projet BIOCAR ?

    BIOCAR est un projet de recherche mené par le LCS et le CORIA. Il étudie les biocarburants de façon globale : composition du biocarburant, performance du moteur et émissions rejetées en sortie par le véhicule. Il permettra de proposer des solutions pour éliminer les molécules polluantes des biocarburants dérivés de déchets agricoles et du bois. Ces […]

    21 September 2016 | Categories : News
  • Review article: Nanosized inorganic porous materials: fabrication, modification and application

    by Haoquan Zheng, Feifei Gao and Valentin Valtchev J. Mater. Chem. A, 2016, Accepted Manuscript DOI: 10.1039/C6TA04684C Owing to their nature nanosized inorganic porous materials exhibit novel properties, different from those of bulk solids. This review highlights recent developments in the synthesis and unconventional applications of nanosized inorganic porous materials including zeolites, microprous carbons and mesoporous […]

    15 September 2016 | Categories : News
  • (Français) La délégation Normandie du CNRS participe au “Challenge mobilité”

    Sorry, this entry is only available in French.

    11 September 2016 | Categories : News
  • La seconde édition de la Semaine de la mémoire se déroulera du 19 au 23 septembre 2016 à Caen.

    CONFERENCES – ATELIERS- PROJECTIONS – TABLES RONDES – RENCONTRES La seconde édition de la Semaine de la mémoire se déroulera du 19 au 23 septembre 2016 à Caen. Le programme compte une trentaine d’initiatives. Venez penser, réfléchir, discuter la mémoire. ENTREE LIBRE – TOUT PUBLIC Télécharger le programme complet (PDF) Voir le planning en un […]

    11 September 2016 | Categories : News
  • Un nouveau moteur de recherche: scanR

    scanR, moteur de la recherche et de l’innovation est une application web d’aide à la caractérisation des structures publiques (unité de recherche de tous types, institutions publiques) et privée (entreprises).

    10 September 2016 | Categories : News
  • LCS is a member of the Institute Carnot ESP

    The Carnot Institute Energy and Propulsion Systems (ESP) is a winner among 29 Carnot institutes selected in the proposal call « Carnot 3 » launched by the government in November 2015 and whose results were announced by Thierry Mandon, State Secretary of Higher Education and Research, July 6, 2016. Association of seven research laboratories and R & […]

    10 September 2016 | Categories : News
  • Open position for Ph.D. in LCS (3 years)

    Topic: Synthesis & catalytic evaluation of advanced nanosized zeolite catalysts Sponsored by Total Supervisors: Svetlana Mintova & Jean-Pierre Gilson ( and

    31 August 2016 | Categories : Work with the LCS
  • Nice 14 juillet 2016

    One year and half ago we organized the 2nd Euro-Asia conference on #zeolites in Nice. It was a week of collaboration and fraternity. Today we are in solidarity with all “nicois” and the too many victims of a cowardly attack.

    15 July 2016 | Categories : News