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    The Catalysis and Spectrochemistry Laboratory (LCS) works on the preparation and study of solid catalysts for applications in environment and sustainable development. LCS is leader in the observation of catalytic materials inside a working reactor, in real time, during the chemical reaction (operando spectroscopy). With its very strong facility in infrared spectroscopy, and with some NMR, Raman and Uv-vis spectroscopies, LCS is in a unique position in car exhaust treatment, pollution abatement, in energy production (oil refining, bio-fuels) and in the domain of bio-sourcing of chemistry.


  • Remise des Prix SCF et des diplômes de Membres distingués

    Sorry, this entry is only available in French. For the sake of viewer convenience, the content is shown below in the alternative language. You may click the link to switch the active language. 26 mai 2016 à Caen La remise des Prix 2015 de la Société Chimique de France, à savoir les Grands Prix J.-A. […]

    29 April 2016 | Categories : News
  • 5th LCS Workshop “Zeolites: Prospects & Challenges”

    The 5th LCS Workshop “Zeolites: Prospects & Challenges” will take place at L’hôtel Thalazur, Ouistreham from April 25, 2016 through April 27. Scientific Program Keynotes 30 mins (25 ‘+ 5’ Q&A)   25/04/2016 13:30-14:30 Registration & Buffet Lunch 14:50 Valentin Valtchev Opening Chair: Valentin Valtchev  15:00 1. Paul Wright St. Andrews University, UK The designed […]

    12 April 2016 | Categories : News
  • Feature Article in the Decembre 2015 issue of Journal of Catalysis

    We are pleased announce that the paper entitled “How the CO molar extinction coefficient influences the quantification of active sites from CO adsorption followed by IR spectroscopy? A case study on MoS2/Al2O3 catalysts prepared with citric acid » by JJ Chen, E Dominguez Garcia, L Oliviero, and F Maugé, J Cat, 2015, 332, 77-82 has been […]

    23 February 2016 | Categories : News
  • Spectroscopy for the speciation and determination of adsorption thermodynamics and surface reaction kinetics of adsorbed species.

    PhD proposal – LCS – ENSICAEN – University of Caen Normandy, France project IR spectroscopy is widely used for characterization of heterogeneous surfaces by adsorption of probe molecules or the elucidation of surface reaction mechanisms. While many information can be used by qualitative analysis of the IR spectra, their use for quantitative purposes is often […]

    28 January 2016 | Categories : Work with the LCS
  • Operando V

    The Fifth International Conference on Operando Spectroscopy was organized by LCS in May in Deauville. 120 participants came to present their work on the study of catalytic reactors under working conditions. The conference was sponsored by ThermoElectron, SPECS, Hiden, CTI, ENERCAT, St Gobain, IFPEN, VG Scienta, the SCF (French Chemical Society), Labex EMC3 and the […]

    28 September 2015 | Categories : News
  • Shashikant Kadam awarded at the SIMEM DSD 2015

    Shashikant KADAM has received the Best Oral Communication Award at the SIMEM Doctoral School Day held in L’Abbaye aux Dames (Caen) on june 25th 2015 ( for his communication on “Catalysis by Zeolites, the role of hydrogen bonding and entropy” This award, consists of a voucher from Fnac.   Download the presentation (pdf): DSD2015 presentation […]

    29 June 2015 | Categories : News
  • Bilan du projet HIZECOKE (ANR Blanc 2010-2014): Vers une conception rationnelle de zéolithes pour la conversion des bioalcools en carburants

    Sorry, this entry is only available in French. For the sake of viewer convenience, the content is shown below in the alternative language. You may click the link to switch the active language. 1. Optimisation de zéolithes pour améliorer les performances catalytiques dans la conversion d’alcools Les zéolithes sont parmi les catalyseurs solides les plus […]

    6 June 2015 | Categories : Research activities,News,ANR
  • [PhD position][CLOSED]Caracterisation of lamellar or nanostructured materials based on transition metal oxides for the catalysis in liquid phase.

    Context and project description   The increasing use of biomass compounds, as substituents or in addition to petroleum products, will influence the nature of materials used as heterogeneous catalysts. The intrinsic characteristics and the conditions of production of this new feedstock indeed indicate that reactions will often occur in liquid phase and/or in presence of […]

    29 April 2015 | Categories : Work with the LCS
  • 4th WorkShop Zeolites: Prospects and Challenges

    The 4Th workshop Zeolites will take place at Asnelles sur mer on 28 & 29 April 2015.

    16 April 2015 | Categories : News
  • Second price in poster session in Nice Euro-Asia Zeolite 2015

    2nd Prize for Poster Presentation was given to Anastasia Khartchenko at the 2nd Euro-Asia Conference, 25-28/01/2015, Nice, France PREPARATION OF COPPER NANOPARTICLES IN LTL ZEOLITE A. KHARCHENKO, S. THOMAS, O. I. LEBEDEV, V. DE WAELE, S. MINTOVA

    5 February 2015 | Categories : News