6th Workshop Zeolite


6th LCS Workshop “Zeolites: Prospects & Challenges”

“Sweet Home” – Cabourg




Scientific Program

Keynotes 30 mins (25 ‘+ 5’ Q&A)




13:30-14:30 Registration & Buffet Lunch
14:50 Jean-Pierre GILSON Opening
Chair: Svetlana MINTOVA
15:00 1. B. SELS

KU Leuven, Belgium

Zeolites in HLW: challenges & answers
15:30 2.  R. GLÄSER

U. Leipzig, Germany


Heat storage on zeolite composites


16:00 Coffee Break
16:30 3. H. PASTORE

U. Campinas, Brazil

Non-zeolitic aluminosilicic acids: what else is next?
17:00 4. A.  SARTBAEVA

U. Bath, UK

Combined experimental structural and theoretical geometric study on zeolite frameworks
18:00 Testing of regional products
19:30 Dinner
21:00 Poster session





7:00 Breakfast
Chair: Jean-Pierre GILSON
9:00 5. R. L. BEDARD


New zeolite synthesis concepts, resulting nanostructures and catalytic benefits
9:30 6. E. JORDAN

Grace Davison, USA

Co-FCC of biofuels

TOTAL, Belgium

Bio-olefins production from alcohols
10:30 Coffee Break
Chair: Svetlana MINTOVA
11:00 8. V. VALTCHEV / S. MINTOVA Nanozeolites: What next?
11:30 9. G. CENTI

U. Messina, Italy


Development of Ni/zeolite catalysts for the selective hydroisomerization and hydrocracking
12:00 10.  J. ZEČEVIĆ

U. Utrecht, The Netherlands N.


Tuning the nanoscale properties of zeolite-based catalyst for improved hydrocarbon conversion
13:00 Lunch
Chair:  Valentin VALTCHEV
14:30 11. M. THOMMES

Quantachrome, USA

Insights into the adsorption and phase behavior of fluids in nanoporous materials with hierarchical pore structure: towards an advanced textural characterization
15:00 12. I. NAYDENOVA

DIT, Ireland

Functionalised photonic structures for sensing applications
15:30 13. C. MARTINEZ

ITQ, Spain

Synthesis and catalytic properties of nanosized high-silica beta zeolites
16:00 14 E. T. C. VOGT

Albemarle & U. Utrecht

The Netherlands

Zeolites in chemical processes – Oil and Gas conversion
16:30 Excursion “Port Guillaume”
20:00  Banquet






7:00 Breakfast
Chair : Christian FERNANDEZ 
9 :00 15. C. MARTINEAU

U. Versailles, France

Local order in zeolites: insights from solid-state NMR spectroscopy
9:30 16. G. GIORDANO

U. Calabria, Italy

Is the NH4+-zeolite a catalyst? Catalytic behavior under mild liquid phase conditions
10:00 17. S. VALABLE


A new theranostic strategy for brain tumor treatment using zeolites nanocrystals
10:30 18. N. RADJIC

U. Belgrade, Serbia

Study of a natural clinoptilolite in regard of its adsorptive, catalytic and antimicrobial applications
11:00 Valentin VALTCHEV Concluding remarks